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Travelling is always exciting, but not every destination is the same, particularly when it comes to risk of disease or illness. Thankfully, you can prepare yourself for any form of travel – whether local or international – with the doctors at Maddington Village General Practice.

We can help with simple departure counselling; involving easy ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for your trip.

If you require any vaccinations prior to travel, please note that it is advised by the Department of Health to visit a doctor or health clinic six to 12 weeks before you depart Australia. Please note that some countries require you to have proof of immunisation for some infectious diseases before you are allowed to enter that country. Maddington Village General Practice can help customize a vaccination plan for you dependent on your destination.

If you are travelling to any of the following regions, inquire about what vaccinations are relevant and what you may require for entry:

We also offer post-travel health support if you require help. Common post-travel health concerns include traveller’s diarrhoea.