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Having a chronic disease can be incredibly difficult for not only the patient, but also for their carers and family. As such, it is incredibly important to take steps to control and manage chronic disease in order to give the patient the greatest quality of life, as well as lessen the strain placed on carers and family.

What Diseases Are Chronic Diseases?

Chronic diseases are medical conditions that last over a year and require both constant attention and impact daily activity. Examples of chronic diseases include asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.

What Care Do You Offer?

Our doctors can confidently make diagnosis, provide initial and ongoing care of chronic diseases, and can provide referrals to specialists if necessary. We offer GP management plans as well as team care management plans for patients with chronic diseases in order to provide the most comprehensive service possible. 

If you have a chronic disease and require a care plan, you will need to visit your GP at least four times in order to gather enough information to create the most effective and comprehensive care plan for you. Speak to one of our experienced doctors to learn more and what will be required for your specific circumstances.

The chronic diseases that can be effectively managed with the doctors at Maddington Village General Practice include: